Heather is a licensed professional counselor who enjoys partnering with individuals, couples and families to work towards their life goals. Over the last six years, Heather has met with clients in a variety of settings while processing through unique obstacles. She comes from a multiracial family and has experience counseling culturally diverse clients. Heather has served clients of all ages exhibiting symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, and relationship and family issues.

The most important part of the therapeutic process is a person centered approach which provides a positive working relationship. Celebrating each person’s success as they move forward is part of the therapeutic relationship. Highlighting one’s strengths provides individuals tools to address areas of need. Heather has guided many adolescents and young adults through life’s exciting and yet challenging changes. Assisting each person while transitioning into adulthood has been one of her career highs. Heather’s years of experience in the community mental health field has shaped her passion for helping others win in life.

Heather graduated from Rhema Bible College with a focus on Youth Ministry in 2009 and then completed her Masters in 2015 in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Clients can schedule with Heather for Telehealth therapy, which can meet unique hours requested. Let’s work together for you to discover the next right step to take in your life.